Fantasies of a New Fireplace

You might recall my fireplace conundrum from last year.  I have a stone wall with a big black pit of a fireplace starring back at me that never gets used, has no mantle and begs for a revamp.  I can just never think of what i want to do.  This week I saw a couple of ideas that inspired me, what do you think?

My favorite option is this fabric covered fireplace screen by Danielle Thompson.  I wonder what kind of wood or board she used and how she attached it to the brick?  Seems like it also has possibilities that you could change out the fabric seasonally. 

Another fave involves not blocking off the fireplace entrance, but filling it with faux cardboard logs.  I also like the cute decorative objects like the topiary plants and squirrel, however those would not work for me since Tallulah would have them all over the house in a jiffy.  Thanks, OhDeeDoh for pointing this project out.

Any fireplace suggestions?  I’m all ears.

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  1. ms-pooka

    oh my lord. we have pretty much that exact same fireplace and wall in the first, except our paint is green. i like what she did with everything in that shot and am thinking i should probably take note. not that i would ever get around to actually doing it.

  2. giddy girlie

    the top one looks like it's just a thin plywood board covered in fabric and leaning against the wall. We rarely use our fireplace either and I've been looking for interesting solutions for blocking the opening to keep the kitten out (he always wants to play in there!). I might try the board/fabric approach but make a size that kind of wedges into the opening (mine has a brick edge around

  3. CJHatch

    I think the first one is cute except that in my opinion the mantle was way too small for the fireplace. So, if you had a larger mantle it would be great. And I think you could use anything from plywood to form core for the fabric. As long as it holds it's shape and at Christmas you could wrap it like a package. A fireplace is really a rooms statement piece and something that has so many

  4. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Giddy I feel your pain expect my problem is a toddler not a kitten. Luckily, my mom already emailed me this morning with a game plan of how to make my own fabric covered fireplace screen. I have a vintage satin crazy quilt with little embroidered pictures all over it I am thinking of using. My mom also has the mother load of Barkcloth if I wanted to go that route.

    Mom also thinks

  5. Emma

    I like that you pointed out how the first option can be changed out seasonally, and it looks like it is just leaning up against the brick, so no attachment necessary.

    I used to have an apartment with this same issue, and what I always did was try to utilize the "fire" part. Maybe a decorative tray with an assortment of different size and color candles? This way it could also

  6. jerusalem

    My MIL has a gorgeous old mansion she uses for an event home, and in the fireplace she has a big decorative candle holder with lots of pillar candles in it
    or you could hang lengths of fabric from the top of it like tapestries
    or you could make a beaded curtain for the fireplace? ^_^

  7. Sunny C.

    I like both ideas, so why can't you use them both! Cover a board and use it in the summer months. The rest of the time, you could use fake logs and or candles. There are so many different things that you can do, and as far as not having a mantel, hang something and change it for each season!! That way you can show off some new items and old favorites.


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