Family Portraits

This being my first Mothers Day as a mother and Chris’s first Father’s Day as a father, I decided to start a family tradition. From here on out every Mother’s/Father’s Day I am hoping to acquire a family portrait. No, not the kind where we all get dressed in our Sunday’s best, load up in the station wagon and head down to Olan Mills. I was thinking something a little more exciting. Something like an illustration of my new little family. Turns out the hardest part about making my dream a reality was choosing which artist to commission and agreeing with Chris about it. After all, portraits can be pricey so we opted to split the cost making this a yearly Mother’s/Father’s Day gift. After much deliberation we opted to have our fist annual portrait done by Sofie Igelström of Demofia.

I made Chris promise that next year we could get one by Ashley Goldenberg of Ashley G. After that the possibilities for artists are endless.

1) Ashley G
2) Tuesday Mourning
4) The Velcro Shoes

1) Sensible Design Studio
2) Ismoyo Etsy Playground
3) Amy Perrotti
4) (Listing was expired)

1) House of Harriet
2) Emily Fate’s Goodies
3) JT’s Workshop
4) Sewing Mama

I plan on having the portraits printed on blank cards that we can use as thank you notes and such. When Tallulah is 12 we can have calendars printed up for all the grandparents. Maybe I will get the image printed on a coffee mug for relatives at Christmas, God knows Cafe Press has a bazillion options. Gives the portrait more bang for the buck.

What did you get or give for Mother’s Day? Any Father’s Day gift ideas?

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  1. Carin

    Cute Jen!!!
    LOVE this idea. 🙂
    For Father's Day, we give Jeff's Dad a new stone to put in his garden. It's one of those kits that we can put Sofia's footprint &/or handprint on and then she helps decorate. They come in all shape & sizes now, we try to mix it up, since it looks like he's making a little path through his garden with just hers.

  2. Anonymous

    fantastic idea! just think in 10-20 years, you'll have a most spectacular collection.

  3. erin@designcrisis

    That is SO cute. I am totes stealing this idea for next year! Oh, and I just stole your baby shower thank you notes idea, and well, I guess I stole a lot of your shower supplies, too.

    Watch out! I may be going Mommy White Female on you…

  4. diyod

    Awesome idea!

    I love all the different artists you posted pics from. It's so neat to see different styles.

    This should definitely make some awesome memories, and great gift ideas!

  5. Nichole Moraila of Mucha Muchacha

    Hi Jen, the portrait looks so sweet:) I'd love to add a name to your artist list for the future…It's my dear friend Morgan Lee Kessler of I wish I had a penguin friend She did a portrait of my husband and I a few years back as a gift and I just love it! She is super talented, funny and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet:)


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