Excuses for being a Crapious Blogger

I realize I have been a bit of a crapious blogger lately, but as you well know it is the holidays. Hope and I are working like crazy people around here making jewelry, going to the post office, stocking stores and more. This Friday is the last day for people to place holiday orders so needless to say things are a little nuts around here right now. Don’t get me wrong I am thankful to be busy and have been having fun adding new goodies to the website so frequently. When you push yourself to have new things 3 times a week it gets your creative juices a flowin’. This Monday we added new Pop Purses oh and some Crafty Curios. The new jars of curios are selling out about as fast as I can put them together and I am so happy because I LOVE making them. I have been stock piling vintage goodies for years waiting for this moment. I am going to start putting the Crafty Collage Curios on Naughty Secretary Club as well, I have 3 new rolls of vintage 1950’s wrapping paper just waiting to be added to a new and exciting craft project of some sort.

Speaking of the Crafty Curio kits did you know Sunday was National Handmade Gift day? Really I saw it all over the internet. I’m not sure if that means make a handmade gift for someone or buy handmade to give to others, I think it all comes out in the wash either way. Hopefully oodles more people singed up to take the Handmade Pledge. Did you know that buy Handmade now has 9706 Signers, 97,072 Visits to the site, 80,713 Unique visitors to the site and 193,121 Page Views. That’s a whole lot of people interested in Buying and giving handmade gifts.

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  1. Dave Lowe

    your forgiven for being a “crapious blogger” and thanks for making me feel guilty that I thought you were a “crapious blogger”…LOL!


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