Everybody Walk the Dinosaur

One of my favorite new additions to Naughty Secretary Club are the hand painted earrings by my sister Hope Perkins of Hot Pink Pistol. You are used to seeing her paint purses, but little did you know she paints large shell earrings too. I knew because I have a pair and I get accosted every time I wear them. This being the case I insisted she paint some for the website. Pretty mod girl faces, chicks with beehives and Miss Malaprop’s Favorite Dinosaurs! These too are 25% off this week!

I’m still in McKinney/Dallas, I fly back to Austin tonight. I am spending the day bead and jewelry shopping looking for new treasures for the website. I was super excited yesterday to go to two new antique malls (new to me) Dolly Python and Curiosities. Both were super awesome and had tons of stuff. I got some vintage wooden children’s puzzles to make into jewelry!

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