even though it is just a “thing” I am heartbroken

So yesterday there was some good news and some bad news. The good news was my mom found this awesome place online called House Number Connection that sells house numbers. I promptly ordered myself a pair for my freshly painted house. Well, soon to be painted. I opted for “boomerang”. So the next quest is finding a cute porch light and then I am getting a screen door from Hip Haven. Finally the outside of my house will look half way decent.

The bad news is my favorite jacket is ruined. Last summer at a car show in Salina Kansas I found in the basement of an antique mall a reversible souvenir jacket from Japan. One side was green with tigers embroidered on it and the other side was blue with a picture of Japan. My mom was going to have all the threading taken out and the jacket put back together because it was so old the thread was rotten. The dry cleaners washed the jacket instead of dry cleaning it. My mom has not seen the jacket yet, it is still at the plant. I am sure it is ruined. And even though it is just a “thing” I am heartbroken I had looked for years for one of those jackets.

Tonight you should go to Emo’s, it’s free. I’ll be there to see The Arm and Camp X-Ray with Dave Morgan. Oh and you should also go check out the new Revamped Vintage Brooches and Revamped Vintage Bracelets I added to Naughty Secretary Club.

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