Etsy Love

Yesterday I was perusing around on ETSY and noticed a familiar business name as the front page “featured seller“. It was Debbie from Soapy Love. Debbie shot an episode of Craft Lab season 2 with me (ya know the episodes we are waiting until October to see on DIY) called Holiday Suds and we had tons of fun. We made popsicle soap that looked good enough to eat! Speaking of Craft Lab and Etsy also yesterday my assistant Travis told me that he had come up with a new and exciting product that he wanted to come on Craft Lab and make with me and that he is currently selling in his Etsy store. Peep Travis’s Wulsut – two tiny doodle books in cassette case. I thought they were pretty dang clever. That reminds me I need to add some new Crafty Curios to my own Etsy store!

In sad unrelated news my two Lili Allen dresses came in the mail today. They are both gorgeous, but they are both too big. Although I am excited that for the first time in a long time something is actually too big on me, I am more sad that the dresses don’t fit. I am trying to decide if it is cheaper to have them altered here or to send them back to Jeff so he can exchange them.

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