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I have been tagged not once, but twice now by Moxiville and Creating in Life. I decided since today is Earth day the random 7 facts about myself would be about the little things I do to try and help the environment. I by no means do as much as I should or could, but every little bit helps. When I was younger I wore T-shirts with political slogans and pictures of monkeys in cages and could be found on courthouse steps more than once carrying a protest sign or two. When you get older and consumed in your own life it’s hard not to become apathetic. I’m trying to baby step my way back in to doing the right thing for little ole’ planet earth. So anywhoodle here are the rules of the tagging game, my factoids and of course a few pictures of goodies from Naughty Secretary Club that upcycle discarded products and make them awesome again!

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Ready set go……

1) I refuse plastic bags whenever I can carry my goodies in my hands or don’t have a giant purse to throw it all in. I am one of those people that goes for a big grocery shop once a month so there are not enough tote bags in the wordl to get me out of the grocery store when that happens. However, when I do get bags I use them to pick up dog poop on walks. I even ask my friends to give me their bags if they don’t need them for poop. I have a 90 pound and 50 pound dog my neighbors would kill me otherwise. So at least I am reusing the bags when I do get them.

2) Speaking of dog poop after an enlightening conversation with a couple of people I realized that there are lots of plastic bags in my life I could be using on my walks. I have started using the bags my bananas come in at the grocery store, rinsing out the bag the frozen tater tots came in when we are finished, the bag around newspapers – all of these things get recycled for poop scoopin’ now. There are lots of bags in your life if you start to look at them as reuseable bags.

3) I quit (except for on the road emergencies and parties) buying bottled water to have around the house. I admit I drink more water when I have bottled water, but I can use a cup and the tap just as easy.

4) Chris and I always recycle our cans and bottles. I said I didn’t drink water out of bottle, but try and take my Diet Coke in a can from me and there will be blood. Each week we recycle and each week someone takes all the cans out of our bin before the recycle truck comes. I guess they are making a buck off the aluminum which is fine by me. I am also one of those nuts that refuses to let people throw their cans and bottles away on car trips when they could wait until we are home and recycle them.

5) I have always been one of those people that ran the water while I brushed my teeth. Not anymore as of this year. Why do parents train kids to do that? On a recent trip home I was spitting in the sink and my mother came up behind me and turned the sink on to rinse the toothpaste piles away. I informed her that I was fully capable of doing that at the end as I rinsed my toothbrush and was not planning on leaving mint green foamy puffs in her sink. I’m trying to take more showers than baths too and we got a water saving shower head!

6) On Naughty Secretary Club we recycle all the day long. The Barkcloth bags, pillows, stockings and journals use vintage fabric often salvaged from old drapes. All the jewelry in the Revamped Vintage and Nostalgic Notions sections of Naughty Secretary Club are used with reclaimed vintage parts. The Record Bowl Bags use old vinyl records. The tissue boxes are made from empty cigar boxes. The Hot Pink Pistol Purses are 9 times out of 10 vintage bags rescued from a thrift store.

Ok the number one random earth day fact about me is…..

7) When I was in high school I was a card carrying member of Green Peace and Peta (I’m no longer a vegetarian, but Chris and I do donate montly to the ASPCA and Humane Society). I would hand out literature and preach the gospel to my fellow class mates, parents, teachers – who ever would listen. My friends and I are who got the recycling cans at the McKinney High School as a matter of fact. OK, but that is not the weird fact. My friend who I shall not name to protect the innocent and I were involved in a few covert operations for the greater good. Nothing illegal of course. We called ourselves the Velvet Hat Avengers because for some stupid reason she had two velvet hats we would wear when we were up to environmental espionage. We would do things like make copies of Peta literature about car manufacturers that tested their seat belts on animals and sneak into dealerships late at night and put the flyers under all the windshield wipers on the lot. We would sneak into Target and Wal Mart and tape up pictures of bunnys with bloody eyes from animal testing all over the L’Oreal makeup. All kinds of things like that. I’m sure the Wal Mart shoppers of small town north Texas really took it all to heart.

So there you have it. As I said I am no saint and there is a lot more that I could be doing, but if everyone did just a little it would help a lot. What little or big steps do you take in your life to help the environment? Like my conversation about frozen tater tot bags I am always interested to hear other tips and easy ways to make a difference.

3 Responses to “Environmentally Conscious Blog Tag”

  1. faerie enchantment

    Just stumbled upon your blog, your recent post was great.
    I too recyle: paper bags, change wrappers, bottle caps and soda cans become various supplies in my projects, while broken jewelry becomes new ones!
    Magic and Joy!

  2. Cbt's Closet

    we bought some of those green totes heb has all over their store to carry our groceries

    they can hold alot of food!

    #7 made me giggle 🙂
    i’m sure it freaked people out


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