Elle Girl is Alive and Well

Some people mourn over the loss of Sassy and now Jane Magazine. I mourned the loss of Elle Girl. Not just because they featured Naughty Secretary Club several times but because they featured lots of cool Indie designers. Teen Vogue is OK but they feature the same expensive things as “Big Girl” Vogue a lot of times so I can’t really see a difference in the two. Elle is my favorite “Big Girl” fashion magazine so it was only fitting that Elle Girl would be my favorite “teen” magazine. Recently my sadness has been comforted by the fact that I have been snooping around Elle Girl’s website. They don’t consider themselves dead, just online only. The current online issue has several pieces of Naughty Secretary Club including this little ginger haired cutie sporting a Jumbo Jade Pachyderm Necklace. Take a peek through and check out all pictures and articles.

One article, well it is a podcast actually, that I found partially interesting is the area about cool jobs. They interview different people like fashion designers and clothing buyers. My favorite segment was the interview with Beth Silverberg of Beth Lauren Jewelry. Watch the video to see how she shops the flea markets to scout out pieces for her collection. Needless to say the video hit home with me. You can read the accompanying interview too!

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