Give the Kids What They Want In Their Easter Basket – Slime Supplies!

What do all the kids want in their Easter basket this year?  Slime making supplies and LOT’s of it.  Fill that basket with glow in the dark glue, slime kits, glitter, borax, baking powder – whatever slime recipe your kids prefer stuff that basket full!

Fill this year's Easter basket with slime making supplies.

Oh and don’t forget to make a batch of Easter slime to stuff inside the eggs!  Let the littles know that Easter bunny knows how to make a mean batch of slime too.  Check out 10 Adorable Themed Easter Baskets for Kids over on HGTV where I’m sharing Easter ideas for basket themes like unicorns, robots and of course slime! Please note Elmer’s Glue sent me all the glue seen here and this post may contain affiliate links (if you purchase through these links I get a small percentage to help pay for this blog).

Fill clear Easter eggs with slime that has egg and bunny confetti inside.

What is your families favorite slime recipe?  Are you more of a slime kit type of fam?  I’ve got a few fun recipes to share including Chalkboard slime. Around these parts we usually go for borax free slime recipes and use some sort of other slime activator like baking soda.   We’ve added all kinds of fun ingredients to our slimes like paint, glitter, shaving cream and soap.  Fluffy slime, butter slime, crunchy slime – you name it, we’ve made it!

Easter confetti and glow in the dark glue for Easter slime.

Lucky me the nice folks over at Elmer’s sent me the mother load of glue to play with including their brand spanking new glow-in-the-dark glue.  Yes, you can now make glow-in-the-dark slime!  How fun would glow slime be for a science project – perfect for a science experiment themed Easter basket.

Easter egg full of glow in the dark slime by Jennifer Perkins

So how do you give slime an Easter spin?  Well I’m sure there are lot’s of different ways, but I added Easter confetti.  Wee little Easter eggs and bunnies pepper this batch of glow-in-the-dark slime.  So fun for tweens but also great for toddlers as an Easter slime sensory play activity.  Think of Easter baskets more as gift baskets (for that matter take out the eggs and they could totally be a a slime kit birthday present).

Slime themed ideas for an Easter basket by Jennifer Perkins

Is slime still a staple activity with the kids in your house?  Still going strong over here and I know for one my kids would LOVE to get this Easter basket.


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Turn an animal shaped Easter egg into a nightlight complete with cozy woodland cottage. - Jennifer Perkins

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