Dumpster Diving

This weekend when I was visiting my parents my mom made a sudden detour behind some stores. “What are you doing” I asked and her reply was “I wanna go over here and a do a little dumpster diving before the trucks come”. My mom apparently finds fun broken stuff for her mosaics in the dumpster behind Big Lots and Tuesday Morning. I love a good thrift store as much as the next guy, but even I have never been dumpster diving. That is until my mom took me this weekend. I come by my bargain hunting instincts naturally.

The big Naughty Secretary Club sale is going along swimmingly. Today one of my favorite fashion blogs Coquette wrote about us and then an awesome zine across the pond in England called Indie Quarter was also sweet enough to blog about the sale. Word is spreading fast and since most of the goodies are one of a kind, things are flying off the shelf. I am adding new goodies all week long, just check out the new nouveau bracelets I added this morning!

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