Does it make me really old that this morning I woke up really excited about cleaning out the garage and digging out my Christmas decorations?

Well I am back from Dallas, McKinney Texas actually. Yup that’s where I am from. Turkey day was a whirlwind of running around.

Chris, the dog, the cat and I sat in traffic for over 6 hours to get home (usually likea 3.5 hour trip). Got their late Wednesday night and headed to Sicily’s, which is seriously the best Italian food I have ever had. They have this thing called chicken cappuccino that is so yummy. I am pumped they told me they have friends with a restaurant here off 35 towards Pflugerville called Barry’s that is just as good. I am going to have to try this. Hope and Kurt were home too so we all hung out and mom cooked me a pecan pie to take to my brother-in-laws.

Thursday my parents left early to see my relatives in Tyler, Hope and Kurt were headed back to Austin for a pot-luck at Karly and Whitney’s and Chris and I were off to Arlington to see his brother and the rest of his fam. Food was good, football sucked, I got us lost on the way back to McKinney.

Friday morning Chris and I walked to downtown McKinney to hit the antique malls. They were having some street festival thing with people in costumes. Went to several shops and all I got was this totally awesome stuffed cow. See picture, it is truly amazing. My mom had the vintage skunk and tiger already so she gave them to me so I could start a proper collection.

My parents got home later Friday and Chris went back to Arlington. My mom and I ventured to Ikea. I FINALLY got a dresser for my bedroom. Sucks it would not fit in the car so it is still at my parents house. I also bought these rad plastic patio chairs I am totally smitten on. Plus other odds and ends things that I don’t really need, but got anyway.

We left yesterday, but not before we went to Fair Park Flea Market in Downtown Dallas. Man was it a goodie. I got 4 pairs of 50’s sunglasses, a bag full of Bakelite and vintage buttons, gold charms for Cha-Cha Bracelets, a vinyl polka dotted elephant and more. It was like Christmas. I sat and made revamped earrings and decorated the casa until 2AM last night.

So does it make me really old that this morning I woke up really excited about cleaning out the garage and digging out my Christmas decorations? First of all I have quit doing resin so I can walk out into my garage without getting black lung. Second of all I am hosting Christmas this year at my house. I have been collecting 50’s Christmas decorations for a couple of years now and have not got to set them out yet. The real question is where to display my array of tinsel trees. I have silver, hot pink and teal. A top the TV or on the bar? I’ll keep you posted on the life decision I make.

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