Do Not Disturb – Incorporating Vintage Kitsch Into Scrapbooking and Project Life

My love affair with scrapbooking continues. I’m still smitten with smashing, but I’ve also started playing with Project Life style pockets. It was a matter of time until I was sucked in. I have yet to do any pages that are about a specific week, instead I have done pages based on a color or theme. I call this one ‘Do Not Disturb’.

On a recent trip to the City Wide Garage Sale here in Austin I scored a few treasures. Ok a lot of treasures, if you bare in mind the old saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. I was pumped to find a bag of old hotel door hangers that said “Do Not Disturb”. You can see the tops of them peaking up in my picture.

I couldn’t wait to add these beauties to my scrapbook. The ones with the squares made perfect little picture frames. Who knew I had so many pictures of my kids sleeping. The signs and the sleeping pictures were begging to join forces.

My favorite in the bag was also clearly the oldest with this cute little fellow catching some zzzz’s. I added a bit of ball fringe and some doily stickers.

My favorite photos of the two page layout are these before and after shots of Baxter at nap time.

All this inspired by a few ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs. I can’t wait to see what I come up with using the vintage football ribbons and hair dye guide.

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