Do I keep my mouth shut and get the extra dollar in savings?

There is a shoe store here in Dallas that sells amazingly cheap shoes and I have to visit it every time I am here in town. Another factoid about the store is that all they play is religious music. It drives my mother crazy and she walks around swearing under her breath about how much she hates the music. She is not a devil worshiper or anything I think it just irritates her to be forced to listen to it, she is big on freedom of religion as well as freedom from religion. It’s kind of the same logic when I complain at the gym when the TVs above the treadmill are playing the 700 Hundred Club. I love God as much as the next guy, I just don’t want to hear about the man upstairs when I am shoe shopping and working out.

Anyway today at the shoe store my sister Hope got some song about Jesus stuck in her head and she kept singing it. Then I got it stuck in my head. After Shoe Mart we headed over to a Payless. I actually did not get any shoes at the religious music store, but scored 2 pairs at Payless (then there was the pair I bought on later, but who’s counting). There was an old man working at Payless, I would almost use the words geriatric or elderly -he definitely qualified for the seniors discount at IHOP let’s put it that way. There were these white and rainbow heels I wanted and the box said they were $6. $6!!!!!!!!, heck ya. On my way to check out I realized they were in the wrong box and the shoes might in fact cost more. Well grandpa starts to ring me up and the shoes are actually $7. Then he sees the box and takes a $1 off. Beads of sweat start to form on my upper lip… do I keep my mouth shut and get the extra dollar in savings or do I fess up that the shoes are in the wrong box? Suddenly the praise Jesus song pops in my head and I blurt out the error for fear of going to hell. The man was nice enough to give me the shoes for $6 anyway even after I told him that they were actually $7.

I like to think I would have not had the heart to take that man’s dollar even if I had not just heard religious music. I would have laid in bed tonight wondering if when the books and register didn’t ring up correctly the boss man would dock the old man’s pay and then he would not have enough money for a can or prunes or whatever. I did the right thing, honesty is always the best policy. Plus I still got my new heels for $6 instead of $7.

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