DIY Trendy Tartan Plaid Tree Trimmings

Trimming a tree in plaid for Christmas.

Have you heard the rumors (or seen the ads) that everyone is mad for plaid this holiday season.  Lumberjacks are the new Santa and red and black buffalo plaid has not seen so much play since grunge hit the scene.  I’ve decorated two plaid trees now (and it’s only Nov) one for Treetopia and one for DIY Network and there might even be more in my future.


This tartan plaid trend is ok by me.  I’m kinda feeling it, in fact I’m embracing and making my own plaid decorations.  Gather your fabric scraps and let’s play with plaid.


These ornaments are super easy to make.  Like no, really.


  • Cardboard ornament forms
  • Plaid fabric scraps
  • Scissors
  • Decoupage
  • Gold trim
How to make a plaid ornament.

Using decoupage medium adhere your fabric scraps to the cardboard ornament.  Feel free to use the same color on all sides, I decided to go mixy matchy with mine.


Once you have the ornaments wrapped add a thin band of gold trim on the edges for extra sparkle.  Because you know it’s Christmas and things should sparkle.

Christmas plaid gifts.

Trim the tree in tartan head to toe.  Plaid gift wrap is easy to find this holiday season.  Coordinating wrapping paper really helps bring a themed tree look home.


I love the way my ornaments pop against a black tree.  I added in lot’s of natural elements to try and make things feel more ‘Earthy’: shed antlers, pinecones, faux bird nests.  I also made my ornaments using a circle hole punch and plaid paper plates.


My Treetopia Tuxedo Black Christmas Tree transitioned beautifully from Halloween to Christmas.  I’m trying to think of what holiday I can use it for next.  Valentine’s Day Broken Heart Tree?  Sexy and sophisticated New Years Eve Tree?  Do I know anyone graduating from anywhere this year?

*Please note I am the brand ambassador for Treetopia trees and was given this tree for free and compensated.  Let’s be real though, I was decorating trees and loving Christmas long before anybody paid me to so all opinions are my own.*

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