Did I mention I collect costume jewelry?

I know I just gave you a pictorial guide to all that is Tiki in my home, but I wanted to show off my spare bedroom while it is clean. This is a rare and elusive event since this room basically doubles as a giant walk in closet for me with all my shoes, purses and jewelry. My mom and dad are coming to stay today then next Saturday my friend Jeff arrives from London for a visit so I had to clean up a bit.

A lot of times when I get interviewed people ask me where I get my inspiration from for Naughty Secretary Club and I always say from the vintage costume jewelry I collect. In case you thought I was lying, I just wanted to show some evidence.

This little mirrored piece of furniture is really cool in person. The piece came out of an old barbers shop and the glass on the drawer says “sterilizer” I guess that is where they kept the combs and such. The piece was narrow, has mirror, blonde wood and has shelves so it was perfect! I found it at my favorite Austin antique shop, Uncommon Objects.

This is a close up of the shelves in the barber station. There is a little rack my mom made me for my charm bracelets that is painted all cute and funky. On the shelves you can see I also have a thing for kitschy metal vintage earring displays.

If you look really closely at all these necklaces you can see that I support the other crafty types. I see a Black and white Deer Necklace by Charcoal Designs, I also see a green deer necklace by Happy Owl Glassworks, there is necklace by Craft Lab guest Yvonne Palermo, I spy a mirrored machine gun necklace I snagged at Chocosho, I can also see the red necklace I got at the babes in business holiday gift exchange that Diane Petkoff made. So see all kinds of necklaces!

Anywhoo there is usually a mountain of clothes on the bed, shoes and purses everywhere and all the jewelry is in disarray so I just wanted to show you my room while it was all clean and pretty.

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