Did anyone else ride a jackalope this weekend or was it just me?

Did anyone else ride a Jack-a-Lope this weekend or was it just me? My friend’s Jen and Kevin had a potluck Sunday afternoon that just so happened to include a giant ride-able Jackalope. I felt like Deborah Winger in Urban Cowboy riding the mechanical bull but different. Kevin is one of the owners Austin’s Blue Genie studios who make majority of the awesome Fiberglass signage you see around town. I stopped by the potluck with a few friends and brought a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts as my contribution to the pot luck. Good thing I also brought a stack of the complimentary paper hats they give away since I later saw other people posing for pictures on the Jackalope with their Krispy Kreme hat on.

After the potluck I of course had to come home and watch the premiere of the new season of Rock of Love and the Scott Baio show. I’m not sure how I managed to get addicted to both of these cheesy shows, but I am. I felt so sad for the poor girl who got so drunk she missed elimination on Rock of Love. I also thought the new batch of ladies seemed a little more, um how shall I say this delicately, well if you saw the show you know what I am trying to say.

Also this weekend I shopped with my sister, made some new necklaces out of tree rings, planned my trip to Magic – Pool and Project in Las Vegas with my friend Natalie, put together new batches of Crafty Curio Jars (and made new cute labels for them), went out to dinner with my hubby and our friend Chris who is about to move to Poland and more! Hope you had a nice weekend full of Jackalope riding style adventure too!

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  1. Suzanne

    Love the Jackalope! Wish we had something like that nearby.

    I watched that Scott Baio show last night – uck…creepy. Him and his friends remind me of the mafioso Rat Pack. I also watched “Celebrity Re-Hab” with Dr. Drew. WOW! It’s a train wreck times six. One of the Baldwin brothers, Chyna, Brigitte Nielsen, someone from American Idol. These people have some serious problems and it


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