Danger High Voltage!

Electric Six – Danger High Voltage

Yesterday was a full day of fun and excitement. Chris, Erin, Lisa, Cory, Matt and I all went tubing down the Comal River. I have not been tubing in forever and forgot how much I love it. We had some drama going over the shoots Lisa and Matt lost a pair of glasses, a hat and their towel which had a zipper pocket doubling as a wallet for their keys, credit cards, IDs and cash. By some whim of God with a million and one tan drunk bodies floating in the currents around us we found all 3 items.

After a relaxing tube ride that burned my shins we stopped in San Marcos for a Greek dinner and came back to Austin where we spent the rest of the evening lounging on the couch. Tubing takes a lot out of you plus we had been out late the night before to see Brothers and Sisters at Hole in the Wall.

One of the highlights of my night is Lisa and I stumbled upon a show on Fuse called Pants Off Dance Off where these people all strip to videos. It was really amusing. The best part was this one guy danced to a video by a band called Electric Six and the song was called “Danger Danger High Voltage”. I have been informed by my friend Jeff in London that this is an old song. To me it is brand spankin’ new and their song “Gay Bar” is also equally awesome. Here I uploaded the video so you could see it too. I heart it.

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