Cynthia Rowley’s Necklace was the Star of Sunday’s Design Star

I miss Top Design on Bravo so much I have resorted to watching Design Star on HGTV instead. So far not one or their rooms have blown me away. The rooms on Top Design seem so much hipper. Given Bravo gives them the Design Center in Los Angeles to shop in and HGTV gives them Garden Ridge & Bed, Bath and Beyond in Knoxville. I’m assuming that is where the show is filmed since when I have been to DIY Headquarters it was in Knoxville.

I have only seen two episodes of the show thus far and my two top picks are Jennifer and Matt. Matt is a good designer but not the strongest host. Jennifer has good designs and hosting potential. It was interesting to see them have to do the little blurb on Sunday about being at the Opry Land Suites in 3 takes. It is harder than it looks I promise. You try and memorize script in like 2 minutes and say it back to a camera with 20 people staring at you as you do it and still remember to be perky, suck in your gut and gesticulate.

The whole point of this post is not for me to confess to yet another reality show addiction it is to talk about the necklace that judge Cynthia Rowley was wearing. Who made it? What is it? I want to understand it. It was this taunt hoop and I could not tell if it was metal or plastic. Does anyone know who made it? I’m not sure if I liked it or not, I just want to know more about it.

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  1. strungoutandwired

    First of all, she needs to eat a sandwich! Secondly, it looks like an embroidery hoop to me! I guess when you are soooo foo foo, you can grab anything and make it look cool! Kind of like the Emporer’s New Clothes! I’m sure everyone is telling her how “avant garde” she looks!

  2. Sacred Snatch

    whoah, I know she is hating that picture too. So veiny! (is that a word?)

    Anyhoo, I vote for embroidery hoops.
    And I don’t think they compliment her neck. I think a turtle neck would have been a better choice.

    Ouch, and I love me some Cynthia, mmkay? I am just saying.

  3. Bea

    Looks like magician’s hoops that they try to take apart.
    She doesn’t look real attractive in that picture. Her neck looks a little strange too. Sorry to say this–I’ve seen better pics of her!

  4. karly hand - identity crisis

    oh man! I thought the same things, both that I WISH WISH WISH I were watching top design not sad room design star AND that the necklace ruled the school. I was thinking that you could duplicate it with dream catcher hoops sold at (HGTV favorite) Hobby Lobby. They look just like that, I used to use them for purse handles (remember the hamster purse… of course you do)

  5. Average Jane Crafter

    I have nothing to say on the necklace. How sad is this: I didn’t even notice it when I watched DS on Sunday. Oy!

    I’m with you, though, on your top picks. Matt’s stuff is crazy cool, Jennifer is cool, but still – no designs have been over the top awesome yet. I haven’t even see Bravo’s Top Design! Ack! I wish I had! Design Star is a decent substitute, I guess, and I like the gal who won

  6. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Poor Cynthia, HD does not do anyone any favors on showing flaws.

    I agree they are hoops of some sort, but they were thicker than the craft hoops. However a Dreamcatcher or Embroidery Hoop would probably give the same effect.

    Oh and by the way while watching Shear Genius last night I saw a commercial for Top Design that said coming soon. I have heard rumors that Todd will not

  7. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    I can totally see the Janice Dickinson thing. I think it is the raised eyebrows.

    I also feel it necessary to say something nice about poor Cynthia. Even though this is not a pretty picture of her, the lady does have oodles of talent. I have all of her fun Swell books and loved her lines for Target.


    I love all of her Swell books too– and it wouldn’t surprise me if she wore embroidery hoops as necklaces. Her books are full of creative/alternative uses for stuff around the house.

  9. freshie (and zero)

    I hate to say this, but I think Design Star is filmed in my home town of Nashville, TN. We have hip stores I swear but definitely not the mecca of cool decorating & furniture showrooms like L.A. does.

    Design Star is probably closer to the budget & feel of Trading Spaces where it's a little more craft than style, no?

    On a side note, I saw the worst design ever on

  10. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Beth you are totally right, it is not Nashville per say as much as it is the places they go to shop. Plus they must not have much of a budget. Last night they were in New Orleans and I still didn’t like either room. Where ever you go there you are.


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