Croq, Jewell, Austin Monthly and Hot Dogs!

This has been a press filled last couple of days. Friday I did an interview with Austin Monthly for their October issue on fashion and style. I’ll keep you posted on when it comes out. I hope they print the part where I talked about my best friend Erin and I’s company when we were about 12 called Jern. Get it, Erin and Jennifer. Also on Friday waiting for me at the PO Box was the summer issue of CROQ Zine which features and interview with me all about Naughty Secretary Club, Craft Lab and more! Buy a copy at Etsy and read the scoop here. The last bit of press goodness is the Austin Craft Mafia and I are preparing for an awesome 5 page layout in Jewell Magazine that was getting tossed around this weekend. It is going to feature us and our wares and we get to shoot the pictures in a fun slightly bad girl way. I won’t blow the surprise.

Ok just to prove to you that none of this has gone to my head I have to end this post because the 99 cent hot dogs I am boiling for dinner are almost ready. Oh and we forgot to buy buns so the dogs are being served in toasted bread heels.

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