Crafty Curios West Coast Crafty Style!

I heart Susan Beal for many a reason. First of all she was a guest on Craft Lab season 2 and a crafter on a couple of other episodes (I’m telling you season 2 rocks if they will ever get around to airing it). Two she is an amazing writer and every time you pick up a crafty magazine you have probably read something by her, take for example the article about organizing your sewing room she interviewed me for in Cutting Edge Magazine. Speaking of her being an amazing writer she writes one of my favorite crafty blogs: West Coast Crafty. I recently sent Susan a couple bags of my new Crafty Curios to see what she could whip up and she just blogged about it this week. She got a pink and white batch of goodies and made a fun sparkly hair clip, bracelet, earrings and ring. See I told you the possibilities of the Crafty Curios are endless!

I was already super excited about Susan blogging what she had made with her Crafty Curios, but then I realized that Natalie Zee who wrote about Naughty Secretary Club on her blog Coquette also wrote about the Crafty Curios on the Craft Magazine blog. Whoo-hoo! Remember the Crafty Curios are 25% off until Monday too. Oh and while were at it the blog with the best tag line on the internet was sweet enough to write about our sale. Check out Sharp Lilly, where they may be scrimpin’ but they’re still pimpin’.

Today I am nursing a sprained ankle and furiously making jewelry for orders. Last night was our monthly Babes in Business Bonanza meeting which is always tons of fun. Susanne, Tina and I went to dinner beforehand – which was a big mistake. Kara of Kailo Chic hosted our meeting this month and she made more food than I have seen at some weddings. Yummy! After the meeting Erin and I went downtown to Side Bar and Beauty Bar. On our way to the car my favorite pair of orange platforms failed me. They went to the side and so did my ankle so today I am skipping the gym and resting my tootsie.

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