Crafty Curios on Etsy

So I know just yesterday when I mentioned Etsy I said “more on that coming later”. Well even I didn’t expect to start getting batches of goodies up on Etsy this quick, but I did.

Check out to see my little corner of the Etsy world.

Right now I am not putting jewelry on Etsy because from what I understand you are not supposed to sell things that you also sell on your website. That is why I am starting with the Crafty Curios. I have drawers and drawers of new and vintage bits and bobbins that there is no way I will ever use it all for Naughty Secretary Club jewelry so I might as well clear a little space in my studio. I had so much fun getting out all the tubs of goodies and hand selecting all the little color coded baggies.

I hope $12 is not too much for them. I really tried to make sure every baggie has several things that if I got it in the mail I would be like “YES, this little doo dad is awesome”. Plus each baggie comes with a ring blank, bobby pin blank and ear hooks so that you can make your own piece of revamped vintage jewelry. With a little imagination there is a lot of possibilities in each 4X6” baggie! It even comes with cutesy little packaging.

I am still learning the nuisances of Etsy. I have been shopping on there for awhile. I am getting all excited when people add me to their favorites list because you can click a little link that says “see who loves this seller” and then I can see if people heart me and then I can heart other sellers too. Yesterday I made Travis (my assistant) log in and heart me so I would have at least one person.

Oh and if you are looking for yet another place on the internet to buy Naughty Secretary Club jewelry besides my website and Etsy, check out My My. Taryn has a really awesome website with goodies from lots of other designers too. You might recognize the 3 pink necklaces on the bottom row of this picture. MyMy just started carrying my goodies so if you buy anything tell her I sent ya.

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