Crafts and Poodles

Yesterday was Austin’s first taste of a Maker Faire. The best part of the whole thing for me was getting to see all my long distance crafty friends. The top picture is of Jenny Hart and Faythe from Art Vs. Craft and Handmade Nation. Good thing Faythe was there because I had not mailed off my pictures on Friday for the Indie Craft Documentary book like I was supposed to so I hand delivered them to her in person! The bottom picture is of my friends Natalie and Jenny. Nat writes for Craft Zine and runs Coquette. Jenny is also writes for Craft online and is the force behind the Felt Club. I also got to see my friend Bre who was a guest on Craft Lab, Patricia from Crafty Synergy and Tonia who was my acquisitions editor at North Light Books!

In other exciting news I came home today to find 5 huge boxes from Baby Lock on my porch. UPS just dropped off more goodies from Buffalo Exchange. Yesterday 40 new tote bags from Anne Marie appeared on my door step. Every day my house gets more and more cluttered with Stitch swag.

Today Chris and I had an interesting thing happened, we met Evie.

This morning Lucy was throwing up and since she had gotten into a bunch of my jewelry supplies we were worried. I called my best friend Erin, who also happens to be my vet and she recommended we make Lucy fast for 24 hours and see if she still gets sick. She didn’t seem to think it was anything major and that we should not worry. She then asked if we were still looking for a dog and I told her we had just been out scouring all the shelters this weekend. She said at her office they had a wee little caramel colored poodle dropped off that she compared to our friend Tim and Katherine’s dog that we love name Biscuit. Evie was the dogs name and apparently she had been hit by a car and someone brought her in that found her, but did not want her. The techs at Erin’s office paid to have Evie all stitched up, her arm is all torn up and in stitches and she will always walk with a limp. Erin said she was about 5 or 6 and just the sweetest dog ever. This is when the pictures from the cell phone started coming and Chris and I’s hearts started melting. Turns out Evie was up at the clinic today with her foster mother and Lucy was due for her monthly arthritis shot so we set up a meet and greet. Poor little Evie was shaking and scared to meet us. She is blind in one eye from a cataract which we can have fixed and all shaved bald because of her surgeries. She and Lucy had a little nose to nose action and Lucy seemed to think she was just fine. Even when Chris and I took turns holding Evie Lucy didn’t seem to mind and since Lucy is super duper jealous we took that as a good sign. So I just sent Erin the confirming text that Chris and I are going to adopt Evie. Its funny how these things happen. We go looking at dogs all day Saturday and then Erin calls Monday morning with one that fits the bill perfectly. We actually got our cat Georgie the same way, someone dumped her off at Erin’s work and they had kittens to give away. We can’t take Evie home for a week because she is swollen from her stitches and surgery and Erin wants to make sure she is healing up nicely before she sends her home. I will keep you posted on how everything goes. In the meantime any name suggestions are appreciated. I am currently voting for Carmel Corn (we can call her CC) or Carmella.

5 Responses to “Crafts and Poodles”

  1. Crafty Chica

    you know, that is even better – you made a family very, very happy. you, chris and lucy will find your perfect match soon – just wait and see!! say hi to everyone for me at maker faire!! have fun!!! hugs and glitter, kathy 🙂

  2. critter_lover

    I think Carmel Corn / CC is perfect. But I’m biased, having a tan taby cat with that name!


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