Crafting with Mom

I think it is precious that more than any other episode of Craft Lab people tell me they love the one with my mom Fredda Perkins. I can’t say I am not a fan of the episode too! This Friday my mom and I will be whipping up a resin covered table and tissue box at 11am Central on the DIY Network if you want to tune in. There are fun episodes all week long about things like acetate and dolls. Also, I got a memo that Season 2 of Craft Lab will be starting in October. I don’t know when in October, but you bet your bottom dollar I will keep you posted. Oh and my mom Fredda is on an episode of Season 2 as well. This is a picture from her episode where we made art deco glass picture frames. Whoo-hoo!

Hope your weekend was nice. We had my father-in-law in town for a visit. We all went to a party on Saturday night which led me to laying on the couch all day Sunday. I got caught up on all my TV addictions. I was sad to see Trey go home on Top Chef and kind of want to know what restaurant he works at in Dallas so I can go eat there. Rock of Love was a re-run so that was disappointing I wanted Lacy to go home. Speaking of disappointing besides getting to hear one of my very favorite Association songs, the season finale of Big Love really chapped my hide. Not juicy at all. I was talking to Chris last night asking “When did I turn into one of those TV people?” I never used to watch TV and now I have 3 whole shows that I set the DVR for (Big Love, Rock of Love and The Closer). Let along when did I become that person that blogged and openly admitted the TV they watch.

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  1. Crafty Chica

    I’m so happy I got to meet your mom, she is so cute and talented and has so much personality!! no wrries onthe shows, i have a stack of them too (rock of love among them), i watch them whilei make stuff. helps keep me in my chair!! have a nice week!!!

  2. Carla

    Oh, how I would like to see a refresher for this Jennifer. I just inhereted some authentic frames that needs some repair work done on them and I just can't visualize the steps from such a long time ago..can you offer some help?


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