Crafting and Playing with Food – A Few of my Favorites

Lately I have been thinking a lot about crafting and food. The two are not mutually exclusive ya know. Just yesterday I got crafty making Thanksgiving treats for my daughter’s pre-school pot luck. You can craft food to look like something else, craft something to hold certain foods and even craft decorations for food. Today for I Love to Create I thought I would do a round-up a few of my faves I have created over the years.

Wondering what these fancy earrings are made from? Dyed Easter egg shells. I thought everyone recycled their egg shells into jewelry.

After making these scissor pretzels I’ve been trying to think of what shape I could make next. Candy canes perhaps?

Edible finger paint, yummy and fun. I made mine for an Easter Basket, but there is nothing that says you could not make a holiday version for stocking stuffers.

If your going to the trouble to make home made ice cream you can make your own custom ice cream container.

When I threw my kids a joint birthday party this spring we went with a lumberjack theme. You bet your bottom dollar even the food was in the shape of axes, bacon with eggs and acorns.

I’ve done not one, but two different tutorials on different ways to display your cake pops.

We grow up being told not to play with our food. I completely disagree. Try a bean collage.

I know food coloring is not the best thing for people, but it makes things like Yo Gabba Gabba shaped cakes so much more fun.

Painted pasta makes for one snazzy hair accessory. Check out the full tutorial here.

I’m a big fan of sensory bins. Most often I fill ours with rice, but once upon a time I saved up weeks worth of coffee grounds and we played pretend coffee shop in the backyard.

Did you happen to see the ice cream cone ornament I made on the cover of Kids Crafts 1-2-3? You have already raced out to Walmart and picked up a copy right? Anywhoo awhile back I made a different version. Check out the tutorial here.

Cupcake liners are good for a lot more than just baking cupcakes in. I think they look fabulous on wreaths.

Wondering what these fancy earrings are made from? Dyed Easter egg shells. I thought everyone recycled their egg shells into jewelry.

Rice Krispies can be molded into just about any shape you can think of, including nests for peeps.

Making pretend food is always fun. Grab a shoebox and let the kids pick ‘veggies’ all year long.

I love playing with vinyl records. I listen to them, silk screen them and convert them into cookie trays for Santa.

Dyed spaghetti not only looks really pretty it apparently also really fun to play with.

Make a coozie for your cupcakes using old cereal boxes.

Speaking of cupcakes I always loved these wearable cupcake toppers I made for my husband’s band.

How do you play with your food?

***I was compensated & given free supplies by I Love to Create. Mama has gotta pay the bills somehow and really who in their right mind would say no to free craft supplies***

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