Crafting and Fake Nails

You know the similarities between fake nails and crafting never really dawned on me before yesterday.

Last week I met a girl in a bar who had tack-a-liscious fake nails. Not like serious french manicures really over the top intentionally tacky nails and I was in love. Yesterday I took jeff for another American experience, the nail salon. Nail bars are what they apparently call them in London. We went to nails 2000 and I got hot pink solar nails with a blue airbrushed section. Not quite as tacky as I would have liked, but they will do. Now typing things like this blog sucks and texting is pretty much not happening.

So on to how it is like crafting. Well first of all the guy filed down my real nails with a Dremel that had a flex shaft wand. I have one of those I use for jewelry. While he was creating the nails I noticed he had Folk Art and Delta paints in his booth. What the craft paint is for I am not sure. When it came to airbrushing the nails he used a tiny stencil. Speaking of airbrushing I have done that twice on Craft Lab. So see nail art and crafts are a lot alike.

If you live in Austin and want to see my new nails live in person tonight stop by The Parlor on North Loop. I’ll be there for the Beta Valentine CD release show and to see Omega Monster Patrol play. Plus two other bands. Be sure and get there nice and early show starts around 5 and Beta goes on at 10.

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  1. LaWanda Hill

    I want to MAKE something crafty with leftover artificial fingernails. Any ideas?


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