Craft Lab twice a day!

Hey when did Craft Lab get moved to twice a day? Where have I been? Funny they never tell me these things. Oh well. So anywhoodle looks like you can watch Craft Lab at 11am Central and 2:30pm Central Monday-Friday on the DIY Network. Maybe they are getting ready to show season 2! I just recently found the “Craft “Lab Channel” on the DIY website. You should check it out there are some fun snippets from Season 2 like making vintage collage photo art with Michael DeMeng and a Flower Spider made with Jonathan Fong! Ok lemme tell you what is on this week!

MONDAY: Crafting with Dad and a Wire Basket Doll.
TUESDAY: Origami and Floral Art
WEDNESDAY: Garden Sphere Mosaics and Wire Drawing (That episode is the one in the picture above)
THURSDAY: Altered Book Techniques and Heat Tool Techniques
FRIDAY: Recycled Paper Making and High-Tech Crafts

Don’t forget to watch my Austin Craft Mafia pals and I hang out on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:30pm also on DIY Network. Dang they changed the time on Stylelicious as well didn’t they!

TUESDAY: It’s Animal Magnetism and Karly makes a purse that looks like a hamster running on its wheel.
THURSDAY: Tina, Susann and I are Putting It On and I make some wacky headbands.

I have been thinking about filming Stylelicious a lot lately. Doing this book reminds me of the experience. When I do Craft Lab I don’t make any projects so I have some script to memorize and I familiarize myself with the guest, but beyond that there is not a lot of prep-work. On Stylelicious I was on 17 episodes and we all came up with our own projects and not only made them, but also made all the step outs. Then rehearsed the segment over and over with our producers. This is a picture of Kate and Nicole helping me practice Thursday’s episode of Stylelicious. It was a TON of work. The book is a very similar beast except instead of producers you have an editor. I need to have 25ish stepped out full projects and 12ish mini projects. So not only does that mean I show up at the photo shoot with the done bracelet, that means I also need to bring 3 other bracelets in various stages of progression for all the how to pictures. Ya see what I mean. In book and TV land there is never really just that done item, that would be way to easy. It’s the step outs that kill me and add all the work on top. OK I need to quit complaining and go and make some book jewelry. I hope I can find my pinking sheers. Last night at the Austin Craft Mafia meeting I had Jenny teaching me a blanket stitch so I could work on book projects as we discussed various crafty issues. Did I mention I have not even started the writing portion of the book!

2 Responses to “Craft Lab twice a day!”

  1. Crafty Chica

    right on for craft lab and YOU!!!! i bet the book is coming along just spectacular!!! sending you sprinkles of good vibes and cheer!

  2. Katie Hacker

    I feel your pain, girl. But you can do it! Just think – it’ll be a piece of cake to whip all of those semi-finished projects into rad gifts for friends and family someday.

    By the way, I’m super jealous of the karaoke birthday bus. Wonder if anybody’s rockin’ one of those around here?

    Keep it up!


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