Craft Lab & Stylelicious – What’s on this week!

So here is the rundown of what you can expect next week on Craft Lab. From soldering and shadow puppets to metal clay and mosaics. Don’t forget the new episodes are airing on HGTV at 9am Central.

MONDAY: TORCHED METAL CLAY First up this week hang out with Cathi Milligan and me and learn about precious metal clay. Yup it starts out as clay and then turns into Sterling silver. Another interesting fact about this episode is that remember a long time ago when I told you I met Erin Murphy who played Tabitha on Bewitched. When we were doing the casting call for crafters the sweetie recognized my name and show and came down to Burbank to craft on this episode! If you got accosted by Cat Greenleaf at the Renegade Craft Fair Chicago last summer be sure and watch the field piece!

TUESDAY: SASSY GIRL MOSAICS I totally scored on this episode. Guest Tiffany Miller makes mosaics for stars like The Osbournes and Leeza Gibbons and I managed to get an amazing mosaic of myself out of this! If you love mosaics this is a fun episode and you can see the mosaic of me that is now hanging in my game room!

WEDNESDAY: SOLDERED GLASS BOX Kate Richbourg came all the way from San Francisco to film this episode with me and it got me all riled up to go home and dust off my soldering iron. We make a cute little glass memento box, but really soldering has so many possibilities it is insane. For the field piece in this episode I hang out at CHA with the adorable Suze Weinberg and her Melting Pot. Do you have one? I do and it is awesome!

THURSDAY: SHADOW PUPPETS I know what you are thinking, but seriously this was a fun episode. Bre Pettis who writes for Make Magazine came down and showed us a thing or two about making puppets. The dude used to work for Jim Henson’s studio for Pete’s sake. Please excuse my sad little torn paper puppet at the beginning. It could either be a letter W or a pair of lungs. The field piece in this episode was shot here in my hometown of Austin, TX at First Samples with a doll named Mel Sotos. Watch she and I make a sconce out of a vintage sprinkler!

FRIDAY: BALLOON ART You know secretly in your heart you see those balloon wiener dogs and hats at carnivals and wish that you knew how to make them yourself, well now you can. If memory serves guest Addi Somekh and his band also play a little ditty at the end of the show. Take a balloon quiz with Cat Greenleaf at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago for the field piece.

So that is this week on HGTV, but don’t forget Craft Lab is still blowing and going over at DIY Network!

MONDAY: CREATIVE PRODUCE DISPLAYS with Leonila Arboleda. This girl could carve a mean veggie and at warp speed. If you have any dinner parties planned for the near future watch this episode for a few tips on how to make a centerpiece or garnishes that will blow your guests away.

TUESDAY: CANVAS WALL BOOK one of my favorite guests from Season 1&2 Claudine Hellmuth stops by the Craft Lab. If you like polka dots and old black and white photographs then you are going to need to set your TIVO.

WEDNESDAY: WIRE AND BEAD CREATIONS In this episode Marty Stevens-Heebner and I whip up some cool stuff like a wind chime and a hanging beaded votive holder.

THURSDAY: FLAME CANE BOTTLE Am I crazy or was this episode on DIY Network last week? Doesn’t matter to me I heart Anne Igou and the way she takes Polymer clay to an all new level of hipness.

FRIDAY: ORAGAMI Once as a child in summer camp I took an origami class so hanging out with Jeremy Shafer was a nice refresher course for me. Pay attention to the Window Heart Card since Valentines Day is right around the corner. Don’t forget Craft Lab airs twice on Fridays so tune in again at 3:30 Central to see Laurie Mika and I make a POLYMER CLAY MOSAIC TABLETOP.

Also on DIY Network catch Stylelicious on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm Central.

TUESDAY: TRICKS TO TRY On this episode hang out with Karly, Jen A and I and learn how to add spikes to your belt (who needs Hot Topic) and how to make almost anything into a charm.

THURSDAY: CUT IT UP Watch Jesse make the adorable dog sweater seen in the picture, Tina revamps a men’s shirt into a girly blouse and Susann whips up a tube top. Also the field piece in this episode is with Melinda Lawless, vinyl sewing goddess. I have a couple of her purses that I adore and her runway collections for Stitch every year are in my top 3.

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