Craft Lab Season 2 starts Tuesday, here is the scoop!

I am super duper excited to that season 2 of Craft Lab begins this coming Tuesday Jan 2nd at 9am Central on HGTV. It is super duper awesome because not only is one of my very favorite guests of all time on the show, Kathy Cano Murillo of Crafty Chica, but my husband is a guest crafter. Look for the cute guy in one of Vickie Howell’s “I Heart Crafty Chicks” T-shirts!

On the new season you will notice something are a bit different than season one. The set is different for starters and I love it. Reminds me of my studio at home this way. We have added crafters to each episode to play along with the guest and I. There are several other tweaks and changes to keep your eyeballs peeled for I really hope everyone loves the new episodes.

As I mentioned the first episode is called Everything That Glitters with Kathy Cano Murillo. We make a glitter cactus garden and play with one of my old crafty standbys casting resin.

Wednesday another good friend of mine and repeat guest from Season 1 stops by, Traci Bautista. If it will sit still long enough Traci will figure out how to work it into her collage art. In this episode we paint with crayons and make some crayon cupcakes!

Thursday is the Leather Brew episode. This is the show I told you about with the Brew Holster Cult that you can watch a sneak peak of at DIY Network. These girls are so rad they are even in all girl ACDC cover band called AC/D Shee. I LOVE IT! The crafters play along and tool me a leather belt. Another fun bit about this segment is that Cat is off to the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago for quizzes.

Friday is the Retro Home episode. Matt Maranian is the guest and we make one super duper rad coffee table out of bamboo. Not only is it made of bamboo, it can grow it as well. Or serve as a chip and dip table, it’s up to you. Matt is the author of one of my favorite home decorating books of all time Pad: The Guide to Ultra Living, so you know his crafts are good!

So please be sure to watch HGTV at 9am Central to catch the new episodes with Cat and I. Season 1 will be repeating on DIY Network at 11am Central.

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