Craft Lab Season 2 Starts Monday!

Guess what tomorrow is? Not only the first day of October, but also the start of Craft Lab Season 2 on DIY Network! Whoo-Hoo hooray! Lemme give you a rundown of what episodes are on this week…

MONDAY: Looks like we are having a Crafty Chica day because Kathy will be my guest on Craft Lab at 11:30am for Day of the Dead and again at 12pm for All That Glitters. All that Glitters is the new episode and I love it because my husband Chris is one of the guest crafters!

TUESDAY: My good friend Traci Bautista stops by Craft Lab land to make Crayon Cupcakes with me.

WEDNESDAY: There are so many things I love about this episode. The guests company is called Brew Holster Cult and she is in an all girl ACDC cover band called ACDShe. Check out Leather Brew and if you want a sneak peak watch the clip below.

THURSDAY: It appears that this is another double whammy Craft Lab today with two episodes. My guest is plushie rock star Jenny Harada at 11:30 making a Furry Monster Mask. At 12pm Matt Maranian, the author of my favorite book in the whole wide world (Pad: The Guide to Ultra Living) is my guest with the Retro Home episode. If you have seen my house you know how much I loved this episode.

FRIDAY: I was so excited that we had a jewelry making episode on Craft Lab I could have squealed! Check out the Beaded Jewelry episode with Maya Brenner.

Also don’t forget they are still showing Craft Lab on HGTV Monday mornings. OMG I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING WEIRD. On Craft Lab DIY tomorrow my husband is going to be on the episode and on Craft Lab HGTV tomorrow my mother Fredda Perkins is the guest with her episode about Making reproduction glass 40’s frames!

Stylelicious is still on every Tuesday and Thursday on the DIY Network at 1:30pm. This week catch the episodes Vintage Revamp and Ties. Another family member on TV. My younger sister Hope Perkins will be showing you how to hand paint a tie!

4 Responses to “Craft Lab Season 2 Starts Monday!”

  1. famous chris

    Please respect my privacy. Just because I’m a TV guest doesn’t mean I’m not a normal person. Let’s keep the autograph and photo requests to a minimum. Thank you for your discretion.

  2. Crafty Chica

    those shows were so fun to do! i think back to last year at this time when we were at the studio, time flies!!! here is to gobs more seasons! i think a lot of people are watching!! i got a lot of emails yesterday asking for the catrina picture, i’m going to post it on my site. viva craft lab!!


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