Craft Lab Premieres Tomorrow!

The moment is here, Craft Lab premieres tomorrow 12:30 pm Central on DIY Network. Isn’t it kind of sad that I can’t even watch the show? I’ll be in the studio every day during filming and then Chris and I don’t have TIVO or any of that fancy stuff at home. Hopefully I’ll get to see the episodes I am going to miss sometime. Although as you might imagine it is a little odd watching yourself on TV. Kind of like hearing your voice on an answering machine. Let me give you a run down of the episodes for this week…

MONDAY: Seth Savarick – Screen printed Clay Switch Plate. And you thought you could only screen print on T-shirts, boy were you wrong.

TUESDAY: Traci Bautista – Collage Papers. Traci is a good friend of mine and you might see her collage paper in Naughty Secretary Club jewelry now and again like the necklace Vickie wore on the Today Show and the Collage Unleashed Earrings. Traci is actually coming out to LA tomorrow to stay with me and film a couple of episodes for season 2!

WEDNESDAY: Chris De Rubeis – Airbrushing Skateboards. I have to say airbrushing is a skill that I did not acquire while filming this episode even though I desperately wanted to be able to walk away with the ability to make my own “I Love Vinney 4/Ever” airbrushed T-shirt. Chris and I filmed the first episode of Season 2 together last week.

THURSDAY: Jan Bode Smiley – Fun Fabric Books. Remember those little soft fabric books you used to have when you were a kid? Jan shows us how to make a new and improved version.

FRIDAY: Marty Stevens-Heebner – Wire and Bead Creations. Wind chimes, candle holders and picture frames oh my!

See the very first week is just crammed full of crafty goodness. I hope you can tune in and watch. In case you are interested this week’s episodes of Stylelicious are Dare to Flair and Spice It Up.

Also on DIY Network…There is another new show premiering called B Original. I got to hang out with host Michele Beschen this summer in Knoxville when we filmed the Holiday special and she is adorable and likes to wear as much jewelry at the same time as I do. Also on this week new episodes of Creative Juice and really how can you not love Cathy and Steve.

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