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Do you get google alerts? If you run a small business you should, they are free. I get them for Jennifer Perkins, Naughty Secretary Club, Austin Craft Mafia, Craft Lab and Stitch. So basically when those words appear on the internet I get an email about it. When you enter the words you want to get alerts about just be sure to use quotes. For instance if I entered Naughty Secretary Club rather than “Naughty Secretary Club” I would get emails about every post on all three of those words. I recently got a google alert about Craft Lab leading me to You Tube. I did not realize that there are several different little snippets of Craft Lab on You Tube that various people have posted. They are all from the infamous season 2 that I keep going on and on about wishing DIY Network would air. The clip I got the alert about was an episode called Beaded Jewelry where I make jewelry with Maya Brenner. Maya is a well known jewelry designer in Los Angeles and the author of Beaded Jewelry: Create Your Own Style. Thought you might enjoy the clip and get to see some jewelry making from Craft Lab in the process.

Now that I have wet your appetite for Craft Lab, let me tell you what you can see this week at 11am Central on the DIY Network. MONDAY: Chris DeRubeis and I airbrush a skate board and helmet. Chris came back for season 2 and we airbrushed a guitar and sadly my airbrushing skills had not improved much. It is super hard, that is why I was so impressed with my airbrushed Naughty Secretary Club T-shirt. TUESDAY: Connie Okdie and I re-create the ocean floor out of polymer clay. WEDNESDAY: Susanna Conaway and I make a stained glass picture. THURSDAY: Chef Ray and I do some fruit and veggie carving. This guy makes me giggle he goes super duper fast it was a wonder I didn’t chop my finger off trying to keep up. FRIDAY: Bethany Mann and I make some funky gift wrap. Bethany came back for season 2 where we made some punk rock eggs that were awesome. Be sure and check out Bethany’s Bitter Betty Industries.

If that is not enough you can catch the Austin Craft Mafia ladies and on the DIY Network Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm on Stylelicious. TUESDAY: Tina Sparkles, Vickie Howell and I show a few tricks to try. In this episode I show you what to do with your broken necklaces. Sew them to your clothing of course. THURSDAY: Hope Perkins, Susanne Kohane and Tina play with men’s ties!

Remember if you heart Craft Lab and Stylelicious write DIY and let them know. If you miss Craft Lab on HGTV feel free to drop them a line too!

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  1. Tammy

    Boy, you are one busy crafter! I do get google alerts on other stuff, but I never thought to put in my own stuff like the name of my various blogs and web sites…duh! Great idea.


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