Craft Lab on HGTV

You may have heard that HGTV is shaking up their programming a bit. They were nice enough to show all the DIY Network shows like Craft Lab, Knitty Gritty, B. Original, Uncommon Threads and Creative Juice temporarily. However, this coming week is the last week some of the shows, including Craft Lab will be on HGTV.

Craft Lab is still going to be airing on DIY Network at 11am don’t you worry. I’m just not sure when season 2 will start airing. If you don’t get DIY Network please call your cable provider and tell em you want the best crafty channel ever. If you loved seeing these shows on HGTV please write in and tell em so. You can always write DIY Network too and tell em that Craft Lab tickles your fancy. Your letters really do help I promise!

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