Craft Lab on HGTV Monday Mornings!

This morning I awoke to a Christmas miracle in May, Craft Lab is back on HGTV. In case you have not noticed Craft Lab has not been airing on DIY or HGTV this year. Apparently they were making room in the schedule for more dude oriented shows and less crafty TV. A sweetie pie named Darlene emailed me this morning to let me know the show was back on Monday mornings on HGTV. Hooray! Thanks to everyone who emailed me and the network about the show! The world needs more crafty television in my opinion. Every Monday at 6:30 AM ET/PT you can tune in for some handmade goodness in the Craft Lab. It appears that they are showing Season 1 which means Season 2 is somewhere out there and hopefully one day will get shown. I don’t know if my tattoos in season 2 and lack of teleprompter and more ad lib scared em or what, but hopefully one day it too will be on because there are some super duper fun episodes! In the meantime set your Tivo to watch and learn how to make cloth dolls, celebrate The Day of the Dead, airbrush a skateboard and make a canvas treasure box.

Also if you were so inclined and enjoy watching Craft Lab you could write HGTV and say hooray the show is back on TV and email DIY Network and ask them about the new episodes from season 2. I know you want to see some graffiti on tennis shoes, Tiki bar madness with flaming cocktail garnishes and soap shaped like popsicles. The networks also really listens to the people on the posting boards so you could put in a good word there. I’d love you forever and ever!

7 Responses to “Craft Lab on HGTV Monday Mornings!”

  1. geekch1ck

    This is great news!!! I was hoping that the “dudeness” was just a phase for HGTV. Maybe my wish will come true. I love your show.

  2. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Well I heard that via Neilson ratings they discovered that actually more men than women watch DIY & HGTV and so they are gearing their programming that way a bit more. I think there is plenty of room for both and am just glad that Craft Lab is back 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Thank goodness! I am one of those who has been missing the Lab and Uncommon Threads, too. I Tivo Knitty Gritty; now Crafty Lab will be on the Tivo list too!
    I’ll be on the boards tomorrow asking about Season 2.
    Suzanne G in NC


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