Craft Lab is Back in da Hizzy 3 Days a Week!

It went from no Craft Lab to Craft Lab 4 times a week on two different networks. Our letter writing campaign must be working because coming in July you can see Craft Lab Season 1 Mondays on HGTV and Craft Lab Season 2 Mon, Wed & Fri on DIY Network! Sure the show is still on at the butt crack of dawn (I’m talking 3am) but that is because the networks did a little market research and discovered that crafters Tivo their shows. It’s true, I Tivo so what time a show comes on really does not matter to me. I’m just happy Craft Lab is back on TV again. There are so many fun episodes from season 2 that have yet to see the light of day. On top of all the Craft Lab excitement, Stylelicious is also airing on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the DIY Network. That is a whole lot of Austin crafty goodness! Now I am not positive about these days and times becuase the DIY Network says one day and the TIVO says another. It might be on Tuesday and Thursday, we will just have to wait until next week to know fer sure!

Remember if you want your craft TV be sure to write DIY and HGTV and let them know to bring it on.

Monday June 30th – HGTV – 5:30 AM – Airbrush Skateboard and Helmet with Chris DeRubeis. If you have never tried to airbrush I dare you to mock how poorly I do before you try. It’s like patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time.

Monday June 30th – DIY Network – 3:00 AM – Polymer Pop with Anne Igou. Anne & I whip up some pop art inspired polymer clay containers. I also show a quickie project for making a polymer clay coaster.

Wednesday July 2nd – DIY Network – 3:00 AM – Kaleidoscope with Keri Plezia. Soldering and sparkles, do crafts get any better than that?

Friday July 4th – DIY Network – 3:00 AM – Hipster ParasolLori Meeker Lori and I put an old umbrella on a one way ticket out of snoozerville and into the land of awesomeness. Learn how to make some fun fabric cards too. Crafty lady about town Sarah Utter hangs out as a crafter too!

8 Responses to “Craft Lab is Back in da Hizzy 3 Days a Week!”

  1. Quiet City

    That explains a lot! When we moved, my husband upgraded our cable and I was so excited to finally have the DIY network! But then… I never saw any craft shows. That’s because I am usually sleeping at 3 am after a fun but exhausting day with my one-year-old. (No Tivo for me.) I may make an exception to my sleeping rule one of these nights… thanks for the heads-up!

    xoxo Courtney Quiet

  2. Kiki

    I was so excited to hear that Craft Lab was coming back to the air, that I convinced Hubby to get our satellite turned back on! And we have a DVR!! I love that thing!!

    I record quite a few shows from HGTV and DIY!

  3. karin@creativechaos

    Yay!! I’ve got it dvr’d so no problem on the time….glad it’s back!


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