Craft Lab Holidays

Tomorrow begins Christmas in the Craft Lab. Looks like from here on out for the rest of the year we are in store for a whole lot of Christmas themed episodes. Just in time too because I put up my Christmas trees yesterday and need to hang the light bulb ornament I made with Leah Kramer of Craftster who’s episode is on tomorrow. That’s right tomorrow in the Craft Lab Leah and I are making kitschy ornaments out of light bulbs, tin foil and coffee cans. Leah is the author of The Craftster Guide to Nifty, Thrifty and Kitschy Crafts, so you know she came up with some fun projects for the show. Don’t laugh at my Santa and his eyebrows. We literally had to stop filming this episode several times because of the uncontrolled off set laughter at my Santa and how bad he turned out.

Also this week another one of my favorite episodes is airing with Debbie Chialtas of Soapy Love called Holiday Suds where we make Soapcicles. Yes people soap shaped like popcicles and they are super duper holy moly a-doorbell cute! I went through a soap making phase years ago and filming this episode brought back the love for me.

The third episode is called Kid Holiday Crafts and this one was such a fun one to film because we really did have little kids there. They kept wanting to eat the dough for the ornament. Also in this episode I have a quickie project where I make an old magazine into a Christmas tree. Technically my friend Dave Lowe made it. I loved making this project when I was in grade school and when they asked me if I had a quick and easy holiday themed craft for the episode I was ready.

So anywhoodle tune into Craft Lab this week to start getting yourself into the Holiday mood.

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  1. Soapylove

    Whew! I watched the Holiday Suds episode today and I think it turned out great! The editing was very merciful – the parts I was worried about came out really well.

    Thanks for being such a great host, Jennifer! You made me feel comfortable and taping the show with you was super fun. If you ever need another glycerin soap “expert”, you know who to call! 😉


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