Craft Lab – Hipster Parasols & Fabric Cards.

Guess what? If you get up really early tomorrow morning and turn your TV to the DIY Network you and I can craft together. Yup, it’s true. Every Monday morning DIY Network is airing episodes of Craft Lab with yours truly as the hostess with the mostess!

Monday April 9th 6:30 AM – DIY Network – Hipster ParasolLori Meeker Lori and I give an old umbrella on a one way ticket out of snoozerville and into the land of awesomeness. We will also be making some fun fabric scrap cards. Crafty lady about town Sarah Utter hangs out as a crafter too!

Speaking of parasols might I also suggest my polka dotted paper version!

2 Responses to “Craft Lab – Hipster Parasols & Fabric Cards.”

  1. Frances

    Howdy! I love your blog and stop by regularly. I accidentilly saw you on She's so Crafty. You were amazing, very confident and funny. Thank you so much for your positive and beautiful inspiration.

  2. Parasols

    Thanks for the kind words. Not sure what’s going on with the people telling you to stay away from informational niches, ALL my niches are information based. I have no product based sites that I’m earning with. Maybe these people were never earning and might not have things set up right? Not sure what to think of that kind of logic. If it has a high CPC and high volume of traffic with a lot of ads


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