Craft Lab – Back to Back Episodes

Hey guess what! Craft Lab is airing on DIY Network again. Tune in this week to see yours truly get crafty doing all kinds of fun things like making beer holsters and retro bamboo tables.

Here is a sneak peak of one of Thursday’s two early morning episodes, Leather Brew. The ladies of Brew Holster Cult have an ingenious idea about how to hold your beer. Attention those going to Austin City Limits this weekend, you need to watch this episode.

Back to back Craft Lab episodes. If you would rather sit your beer on a hip table than carry it around check out one of my fave authors, Matt Maranian and I whip up a groovy bamboo table.

Tune in next Tuesday for more Craft Lab on DIY Network.

7 Responses to “Craft Lab – Back to Back Episodes”

  1. Kristy

    Thanks Jennifer. I love that I can still see you on you tube. I have your Halloween videos in my favorites folder.

  2. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Kathy I think our glitterliscious episode aired Tuesday. Wish I had known, that is the episode with Chris.

    Glad everyone is enjoying the show and the You Tube Videos. If you are in the Halloween mood don't forget there are a ton of Halloween videos I did for HGTV on You Tube with all kinds of cute projects like decorations, kids games and no-sew costumes.


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