Craft Cast with Alison Lee

Our first CSI class was last night as I mentioned yesterday. It is taught by Louis L. Akin, LPI. Seems like the class is going to be interesting. We talked about how bad eye witness testimony is and watched some gruesome videos of actual murder scenes and then had to discuss what we had seen afterwards. Most of us were wrong about what we swore we saw just minutes before. When Chris and I got home we watched Law and Order SVU to practice the new skills we had acquired.

My interview with Alison Lee of Craft Cast is now live. Click here to listen to Allison and I chat about Craft Lab, Naughty Secretary Club, The Austin Craft Mafia, Stitch and more. She has lot’s of awesome interviews on her site with people like Carol Duval, Claudine Hellmuth and Vickie Howell.

The most important thing that happened yesterday is I got the nails taken off. I got out of the shower and decided to start typing some emails and after total frustration I grabbed the nail clippers and started hacking away at the nails. This was not working at all so with wet hair I jumped in my car and went to the nearest nail bar ran in and pleaded for someone to take the things off. It took two people one on each hand. Oh it was icky and painful. There is that constant feeling of your fingernail being tugged away from it’s happy home on your finger as they pry the tips off. They were fun while they lasted, but adios Mr. Solar Nails.

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