Collage Curios Cuteness

I love images from vintage books, cards and magazines. So much so that I thought I would share a few of my favorite Collage Curio Kits with you. Wondering what to do with all these random pieces of paper? Bust out the decoupage and skies the limit. I’m of course a fan of jewelry.

I have random grab bags of collage goodness on Etsy as well as a few themed packs. Smitten on the boat necklace in the picture? Well then the Ship Shape Collage Curios should be right up your alley so you can make your own.

These little mushroom earrings are a current fave of mine. I made them with some vintage souvenir stationary from California and some red and white polka dotted mushroom cabochons. I really want to make a Southwest themed collage piece with some of my collage curios.

I’m curious what kinds of Collage Curio theme packs would you like to see? Right now I have bunnies, Southwest, red heads, ships, bugs and more. On the flip would you rather have a random assortment?

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