Clearly I never go shopping on my own web site.

For Christmas this year my husband Chris gave me an interesting gift. Have you ever checked out on my website? Then you get that email about “your goodies are coming can you please fill out this survey”. Well Chris designed the survey for me. He works in market research for a living so it was super easy for him. Sure I got to help pick a few questions and he about flipped out when I wanted to tweak the wording that now questions were “leading” and the data was not scientifically exact. Whatever.

Long story short one of the things I have learned from my survey, that you may have known for years and just never told me, is that there is no view cart option. Never has been. Apparently you have to add something to your shopping cart to actually see your shopping cart and then delete that item. Who knew? Not me because clearly I never go shopping on my own web site. Well thanks to my survey several shoppers have alerted me to this and the problem has been fixed. I have a pretty new shiny “View Cart” on every page over at Naughty Secretary Club.

The whole web site is actually in the process of getting redone and you are not going to believe your eyes. The colors, the stars, the bright graphics – it is going to rock your face off. Or at least I hope it does. And of course it is going to have a “view cart option” as well as other crazy things like a search engine and the zine is coming back in full effect. Remember the golden days when Naughty Secretary Club was a music zine with band interviews, crafting tips and general rants – well those days will be back sooner than you think.

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