Cinco de Mayo and TV this week!

Leave it to Chris and I to wear the most obnoxious outfits at the party. Our Cinco de Mayo fiesta went swimmingly and I think everyone had a great time, I know I did. Preparations and then recovery is the reason I have not blogged in a few days. I have to go all out for these things. Between backcombing my hair into a beehive, figuring out how to pay per view the Oscar de la Hoya fight and making the perfect mix it pretty much sucked up my entire weekend.

Tammy Powley reminded me this morning that a special I filmed in February for DIY Network aired this weekend. Inside the Craft and Hobby Show has Michele Beschen, Cathie Filian, Sandi Genovese , Vickie Howell, Steve Piacenza and I all running around the spring 2007 CHA show testing out new gadgets. It seemed to have been on last night at 9pm, 1 this morning and then again tonight at 9pm Central. One product that Vickie and I demonstrate is the Simply Swank soldering kit and I just ordered my very own a couple of weeks ago along with the book Simple Soldered Jewelry and Accessories. Check out the show if you get a chance, I think they even interviewed Martha Stewart to talk about her new line of goodies through EK Success at Michaels.

While your watching TV this week be sure to tune into Craft Lab for 3D Collage Boxes with Claudine Hellmuth, Photo Image Transfers with Amy Rachlin, Foam Crafts with Sonya Nimiri and more. Every week day at 11am Central. Tuesdays and Thursday on DIY Network peep the Austin Craft Mafia on Stylelicious. Tuesday Susann, Karly and Tina take things from Old to New and then Thursday is Eco Friendly fashion with Susann, Tina and Jen.

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