Chris Boehk – The Day I Realized I Might Not Make It.

Did you know that once upon a time I co-owned a record label with my husband Chris. I guess technically on paper I still co-own Has Anyone Ever Told You?, but the truth is he has run the label without me for years. When Naughty Secretary Club started taking off there was no more time for the label. Anyway, Chris is still running the label and his latest release is his new solo CD The Day I Realized I Might Not Make It. Now I’m biased to the record because I’m married to the singer, guitar player, drummer, keyboardist and bassist (No this is not an episode of Big Love, Chris plays all the instruments on his solo CDs). But even if I didn’t know Chris from Adam I think I would love his new CD. My favorite song on the CD is “All Wagon No Star” with “The Saddest Story Ever Told” being a close second. Chris has been in a whole lotta bands and released a bunch of records. I made this pretty mosaic to prove it.

Another interesting fact about Chris’s new CD (which in the mosaic is the top left hand corner brown CD) is that he got crafty on them. No really. Remember Chris was a guest crafter on an episode of Craft Lab once, the kid knows how to craft. He bought these CD jackets that he folded himself and then he stamped each one. First he had an image of himself done that he stamped on all the covers. Then he got into my Just Rite stamps that I got to keep after doing that Inside the Craft and Hobby Show for DIY. He took my chapstick and some double sided tape and attached each letter of his name and stamped out Chris Boehk by hand on each case. I was so proud. We made the CD jackets for his first Our Own Somewhere release out of paper we bought in San Francisco.

Speaking of being rock and crafty I also found a picture of this sign that Chris and I made with glue and glitter to set up at the merch booth when he would play shows with his old band The Search for Saturnalia. That was probably 8 years ago. Another intersting crafty fact was that one of the guitarists for this band was Tina Lockwood, AKA Tina Sparkles of Sparkle Craft! The second guitarist and one of the singers was Dave Denosowicz who now lives in Brooklyn and runs Bang with his wife Maggie. Look for Bang at the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend. If you stop by their booth, tell em I sent ya.

So what you win today is a copy of not only Chris’s new solo CD, but a Has Anyone Ever Told You? prize pack with a sampling of 5 other CDs. I told Chris it would be funny if there was a song about crafts. I was thinking heavy metal, but rap might be fun too. “Baby Got Crafts” (I like messy crafts and I can not lie, you other crafters may deny) leave me a comment with your best crafty song title. If you don’t have a blogger account leave an email too. Chris and I will choose our fave song title and send you over a slew of new music.

3 Responses to “Chris Boehk – The Day I Realized I Might Not Make It.”

  1. Tefi Two Fists

    (sing along to Blondie’s “Rapture”)

    Sew to sew
    Crafting very slow
    Barely beading
    Glue Gun comatose
    Wall to wall
    Buttons and bows
    And I’m gluing lightly
    Spend each night in Crafture

    (here are the original lyrics:
    Toe to toe
    Dancing very slow
    Barely breathing
    Almost comatose
    Wall to wall
    People hypnotised

  2. Pirooz M. Kalayeh

    naughty secretary needs a theme song

    earrings, bubble gum pop
    crafts that are like, my little ponies, yeah
    naughty like a scribe
    naughty is your right


    necklaces, bracelets, boo ya ka sha rocks
    crafts that are Garbage Pail fun, full stop
    naughty like an executive
    naughty like a bat


  3. Chanya

    This is actually a real song by Radiohead. It’s called:

    “Everything In Its Right Place.”

    Here are some of the lyrics:

    Everything, everything, everything..
    In its right place
    In its right place
    In its right place
    Right place

    There are two colours in my head
    There are two colours in my head
    What, what is that you try to


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