Choosing The Right Alphabet Print for Someone You Have Never Met

Choosing just the right alphabet print for someone you have never met can be tricky business. There are so many to choose from. Some are way too cutsey, some just suck and then there is the proverbial debate of one giant print with the entire alphabet versus 26 small individual Z is for Zebra like prints. These are the 5 that are currently topping my list of favorites.

The current top runner is the Y and Z – Giclee Print by Monkey Powered. Anthropomorphic letters, especially the letter Z with a stash, make me giggle what can I say.

I’m a bit biased to the ABC Love Poster by Jennifer Ramos because I am a fan of her blog Made By a Girl. However I am smitten on the colored word love. The letters are actually dark brown rather than black and that scares me slightly since I prefer black. How dark is dark?

Creative Neesh has caught my attention because she has a matching number and letter print set. Pretty sweet and I love the bright colors. It really bothers me that baby stuff is all sage green, pink meets chocolate brown and pastels.

The colors in the Binth Alphabet Poster are all wrong with the effect I am going for, but for some reason I am still really drawn to this poster. I love the simplicity of the colors and the illustrations done with little circle body creatures.

Lucky Paperie is currently sold out of their Kid Alphabet Print, but my guess is they will get more before March. This is the boy color way and they have another version in more muted purples and pinks that is apparently the girl color way. This is why I am not finding out if it is a boy or a girl, so people can’t buy me pink fluffy things or royal blue tough things. I’m a girl and I much prefer the boy color way.

Know of any other fabulous alphabet art I did not find? What’s your favorite print? They are totally cute enough to go in an adults room too. If all else fails maybe I will get my sister Hope to paint me some B is for Biggie, E is for Easy, J is for Jam Master J, T is for Tupac prints.

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