Children’s Hour Nursery Rhymes Record

Happy Sunday morning. Hope you are doing something fun. I’m sitting around with the fam listening to this darling little vintage record I picked up at the Half Price Book Store. The cover is almost as cute as the music so I thought I would share. Don’t you wanna just squeeze that adorable panda and is it just me or does Humpty Dumpty look like he has been hitting the sauce? I love that the label is Twinkle Records. All the songs have that Christmas claymation made for TV sound. Like Burl Ives is singing with the Andrews Sisters doing backup vocals. Perfect Sunday morning music to listen to while daddy makes pancakes and the kids play.

One Response to “Children’s Hour Nursery Rhymes Record”

  1. Chris Boehk

    Little Tommy Tucker sang for his supper. What shall he eat? White bread and butter. How can he eat it without any knife? How can he eat it without any wife?


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