Chicken Poop Bingo and Free Jewelry

Before we get to the blog contest de jour, let’s talk chickens and bingo. Yesterday afternoon I made my first pilgrimage to Chicken Poop Bingo out at Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon here in Austin. This is a wee little bar that is a bit of a local legend. Twice a week silver fox Dale Watson plays his Rockabilly Country and people sip the $1.50 Lone Star Beers. Sunday is the big night of the week, it’s Chicken Poop Bingo. What happens is they bring out a big wooden board with numbers all over it like a Bingo card and place it atop the small bar’s one lone pool table. From there they add a cage that fits snuggly below the Budweiser light above the pool table and add a chicken. There is a chicken coop behind the bar where the stars roost all week long preparing for the main attraction on Sunday afternoons. People buy Bingo tickets and bet on a number of the wood and then you wait. People feed the chicken who seems un-phased by the drunk people trying to coax him to poop on their number. After about 15 minutes he finally pooped on a number and an excited young gal next to me won $100. Quite the adventure this bar. However everyone else in town thought so and since there were 200 people crammed into a bar that is smaller than my house we took off after one round. If you are in Austin on a Sunday afternoon I really do have to recommend Ginny’s, Dale Watson and the Bingo.

TODAY’S CONTEST revolves around some recent press I recieved. Over the weekend I found out that I had two bracelets and a necklace featured in the June/July issue of Justine Magazine. In the picture below my bracelets are #’s 6&9. I also found out that one of my Scrabble Bracelets is in the current issue of Fashion Dallas!

So what do you win and what do you have to do to get the fantastical prize your asking? I want to know how you first heard about Naughty Secretary Club. I get a lot of new customers and friends through editorial coverage and I am curious if that is how you found me and my little blog. Leave a comment in this post and give me the scoop.

What you are going to win for taking the time to comment is two fold. First up you get a copy of the June/July issue of Justine Magazine that features the bracelets and pop rock necklaces. Second you get a copy of the new issue of Ready Made. I’m not featured in this issue, but since I have an ad in there I get sent an extra copy that I am giving to you! BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE… You are also going to win the 3 pieces of jewelry featured in the issue of Justine Magazine. Well pretty close anyway. You will get one yellow Pop Rocks Necklace, One Black Polka Dotted Bracelet and One Hot Pink Polka Dotted Bracelet (except this one won’t have the flowers attached to it). Remember you can still enter Sunday’s Blog Contest all week long to win the crafty prize pack. Same with this contest you have until Sunday June 17th to enter!

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