Chick-a-pay and the Tei-Tei

So since I have 160 orders to put together this week and a million and one holiday cards to sign, this is gonna be brief. Here is a quickie run down of our wondermous weekend in Dallas.

Vickie was not lying, that hotel Adolophius in Dallas was uh-my-gawd big. The penthouse suite which we were staying in is I would venture to say larger than my entire house, well over 2,000 sq feet. Super duper swanky.

We had dinner in an area called The West Village I think at a place called Taco Diner which apparently is owned by the Mi Cocina people, it was delicious. I had the Tacos Cancun which involved shrimp. Danny, Kim, Becky and Kevin all joined Hope, Erin, Vickie and I for dinner.

After dinner we all went to a sushi place called Tei Tei. Which I kept saying in the Jody Foster Nell voice all night much to everyone’s dismay “Chick-a-pay and the Tae-Tae”. We had one drink here.

Across the street was the Old Monk where we met up with Jennifer and her husband Jeff. I am pretty sure between all the cameras at least 500 pictures were taken, no really. It’s gonna take me 17 years to upload them all.

The last bar we hit was called the Vickery I think. They played the LCD Sound System and Fugazi that was good, but we were getting tired. Danny took us back to our luxurious suite and we went night night.

The next morning Vickie, Hope, Erin and I all went for breakfast at Café Brazil on Elm street in Deep Ellum. Man was it good. I mean whoa.

We took Vickie back to the hotel and the 3 of us headed to McKinney to see our fam.

Later in the afternoon Hope and I with our parents went back down to Dallas to the Barnes and Noble where Vickie was signing her knitting book “New Knits on the Block”. There were lots of peeps there and like a mother I took lots of pictures.

The rest of the weekend involved lots of shopping and family bonding and now I am back home staring those 160 orders in the face!

Oh and that picture is from a phone, we are not all blue here in Texas.

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