Chatting up my friends on DIY Holiday Wish List!

Yesterday I almost forgot I had to go down to the KRLU studios on UT campus and do voice over work for Craft Lab. What this means is I sat on a stool in a huge room with a wee little light and a panty hose screened microphone and read scripts. All the “Coming up next on Craft Lab” type stuff. I am so excited for the new season to start airing, maybe as soon as January! The other cool thing was I did the voice overs in the same building where they film the Austin City Limits TV show and I got to go over and see the set. I have never been to a taping, it is actually kind of small.

This week on Craft Lab I see today they are showing the episode I did with Walter Knabe and his daughter Gwen. Only one of handful of episodes I filmed with two people at the same time. Wednesday is screen printed polymer clay light switch covers with Seth Savarick. Man you can screen print on anything. Thursday is collage paper with my good friend Traci Bautista. DIY Network must love this episode they show it a lot! Did I show you the article Traci wrote on me for Somerset Studios? Friday is Chris DeRubeis and we do a little airbrushing, which I am the first to admit I am not so hot at. However, by season two when Chris was on I at least was getting a little better!

In other Craft Lab news have you been watching any of the DIY Network holiday specials? There is the Holiday Open House and the Holiday Wish List. I filmed both this past summer in Knoxville with a gaggle of DIY hosts that were awesome! Be sure and keep your eye balls peeled for both. I am particularly found of the DIY Holiday Wish List because I got to talk about a few of my friends.

On the show I chat about several different crafty projects that people might like for Christmas. One of the items I mention is an embroidery kit by my good friend Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching. I even brought along the banner she embroidered my husband Chris and I for our wedding. Another goodie I talk about on the show that I am super fond of is the book TEASE – 50 Inspired T-shirt Transformations by Superstars of Art, Craft & Design by Sarah Sockit. Well yours truly is one of the contributors. On the Holiday Wish List there is an example of the project I did where I made a necklace out of a T-shirt and Ping Pong Balls. The whole book is really cool.

If you go to the Holiday Wish List website on DIY you will see a couple of other friends that I got to mention. One is Claudine Hellmuth and her poppet kits. I was sad they didn’t show this part on air, but you can watch the video on the DIY website. Claudine’s art is super awesome and she even made me my own little set of poppet puppets of my fam on Craft Lab season 2. They live happily in my kitchen. Lastly there is a quick blurb about a dachshund Stitch It Kit from Fred Flare. I love anything related to wiener dogs because that is how I met my husband. He was my bus driver in college and he has a big tattoo of a weenie dog the length of his right calf. So everyday when I get on the bus at college I would think “Gee I hope wiener dog boy is my bus driver today”. His groom’s cake was even made to look like a dachshund.

So anywhoo check out the DIY Holiday Specials if you get a chance.

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