CHA Roundup in Pictures!

I was waiting for all the pictures to come in before I blogged about my adventures at CHA Chicago and the last batch is here! Last week I flew out to hang out with my friends from Duncan and play with Liquid Fusion Glue with a bunch of crafters. It was super fun. Also in the booth was my sister Hope Perkins painting and glittering up a storm. Kathy Cano Murillo was there with her amazing new Crafty Chica line making earrings. Sonya Nimiri was to my right ironing on sparkles and Traci Bautista was to my left using her new product collage pauge! My apron was a big hit and all the ladies had made their own adorable versions! Here are a few pictures to sum up all the fun that was had!

Here I am in the Duncan booth I had made a set of jewelry and a matching purse to be displayed on the booth wall. You can see Susan Beal’s handiwork next to me.

I can’t wait for the Crafty Chica line to hit a craft store near me, the glitter, the saints, the tote bags. Its too craft-a-liscious to stand!

Hope painted an amazing dress for the wall that pictured a deer with an ice cream sundae in his antlers!

I brought a whole bunch of Crafty Curios and Duncan brought the glue and pogs and we made fun brooches all weekend long!

It was so fun to meet all the crafters. I even met a lady from Austin who lives in my same neighborhood.

After a long day of crafting it was time for sushi with the ladies. Going around the table counter clock wise we have Sonya, Kim, Hope, Traci, Jen, Cami (omg awesome resin jewelry), Claudine (check out her new Studio Line!) and Bernie. Maki sushi makes a mean bowl of Udon soup.

On the way home all of us somehow managed to fit into Bernie’s van, it was a Christmas miracle and we wore funny sunglasses and giggled the whole way.

Day number 2 Traci and I pushed our stations together because we could not bear to be seperated. Plus my Crafty Curios look awesome with her paper and vice versa!

I finally got to meet the cute as a button Margot Potter in person! It’s so fun to meet email friends in person!

Another person who I was so excited to meet was Candie Cooper! Candie, Margot and I are all in Bead Bloggers together. I was surprised to run into my friend Leah Kramer from Craftster at the event and she stopped by our crafty happy hour!

I heart Cathi and Steve from Creative Juice they are always so much fun. It was nice to hang out with them in a situation where we were not having to film anything!

Hope, Kathy, Sonya and I posing for some last day pictures in front of the wall o’ Chica.

I almost forgot my home town Austin buddy Jenny Hart was going to be at CHA so it was good to see her for a little bit. We also met Ed from Stencil One one of the more Indie/arty booths at CHA. Thanks ladies of the Petaluma Craft Mafia for telling me about the booth!

Hope and I make the lovely Alyson from Duncan the meat in a Perkins sandwhich!

Hope, Kathy and I pose for one last picture. All that’s left now are the flecks of glitter and a few good memories!

6 Responses to “CHA Roundup in Pictures!”

  1. Linda Cain

    Thanks for the kind words about the card. Wish I knew your grandma…since we’re neighbors! She should be very proud of you! Small world.
    Linda Cain

  2. pixelsandstitches

    OMG! I’m in one of the pictures (light blue shirt). Ginger too! I had such a blast making my pin. I wanted to make a hundred more.
    I love your collection of ‘stuff’..

    So nice to meet you Jennifer!

  3. jodie

    What?? You mean I don’t win cutest business card with my torn piece of scrapping paper and gel pen?? Ha! I had so much fun crafting at your table…you were a riot! So glad to meet someone who has actually been to the Peoria area! My daughter has not wanted to take off the pink pin I made her! She says thanks for the extra mystery mark…you are now her favorite person that she’s never met. Ha! I

  4. Pattie Donham

    Holy charms! It was great fun to meet up with you at CHA! We shoulda gone out for a tini or two… maybe next time?

    Love, love, loved your cute make&take charm jewelry. You are the diva of jewelry dives, girl.

    I'd love to have a chat with ya…if you can find my business card! 😉 ooooh, I got yours!

    Let's chat soon…


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