Celebrity Spotting

Usually when I go to LA I am the one lone person that never has a celebrity spotting. When we were there filming Stylelicious everyone got to see Usher at Barneys and I turned my head a minute too late before he got into his SUV and was ushered away. However this weekend’s quickie trip to LA was different.

Fist up on Monday night Lisa, Kate, Matt and I all set out to go to The Echo to see my friend Dave’s band The Brothers and Sisters. They are totally awesome you should check them out. Anyway before the show we went for dinner at a place down the street called El Compadres I think. I’m sitting at my table and look across to the next table to take a good gander at who could possibly be wearing head to toe black with pointy white shoes and I realize it is Alice Cooper. I wanted to rush over and whisper in his ear the lyrics to “Poison”, but instead I just politely smiled and went about my margarita/chips and salsa business. Since it was before Labor Day I also forgave the white shoes. Half way through our meal Lisa spots him and gets a panic stricken look and as if she is a ventriloquist trying to talk without really moving her lips she says “do you see who that is?”. I explain I had already spotted him. Lisa proceeds to type up a text message on her phone to pass over to Matt to read rather than try another whisper without lip movement. Matt gets the news and is a little less sly there is an immediate “I have to go to the bathroom” AKA I need an excuse to stand and turn around which ensued in a big knock of the table complete with drinks swishing. It was a giggler.

So next we go over to The Echo, watch Dave and are milling around outside the establishment. We are standing right next to these two gentlemen when I realize one is (Claudine brace yourself) Bradley Baumkirchner from Project Runway! I had to do a double take. Lisa and I later chatted that our first instinct was to pepper him with condolences like: “Sorry about what happened on last week’s episode”, but then we thought better of it. Truthfully I know how TV works he really went through that pain like 9 months ago when they were filming.

Also on Monday I got to meet my amazing new staff for Craft Lab and hear all the episode pitches. Like Whoa are there some good ones. I actually want to TIVO my own show! Tuesday I went over to the studios where I film and met another super star Ms. Allison Whitlock host of Uncommon Threads. Allison is even cuter and more adorable in person. Plus the woman is crafty, she was showing me projects she had made that were stowed away in her dressing room. I also got a little surprise when I got on set. Two of my favorite New Yorkers, not really named Fred, Keith and Chris of Fred Flare were there filming an episode of Uncommon Threads. Those dudes are crazy adorable as are their projects. I demanded they come be guests on Craft Lab with me too.

So see that is a lot of celebrity spotting for one trip to LA!

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