Celebrating President’s Day with the Barackster!

At first I thought I might be a day late and a dollar short with this post about Obama goodies since every blog in the world posted right around election or inauguration. However, I thought what better time to celebrate than on Presiden’t Day! “Yes We Can” has officially turned into “Yes We Will” and with a few choice items you can continue to show your support of the Barackster in style.

The amazing Obama Ring is only second place in my heart to the Abraham Lincoln Ring also made by CBTs Closet.

You bet your bottom dollar I ordered one of these President Obama Air Force One Wood Toys for Lil’ Whip. This toy is gonna be a collectors item and might put him or her through college one day after a quick and lucrative EBAY transaction in 18 years.

I love these adorable little Michelle and Barack hair clips by One Plaid Aunt. If you have a copy of The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girls Guide to Handmade Jewelry you can make yourself a pair by following the Hanky Panky Bracelet instructions (they are online at Etsy and N.E.E.T. as well).

I always lamented not getting the Nick Nolte garden gnome when I had the chance. When I saw this Barack Obama necklace by Rovakada I felt a little bit better. When I realized the necklace glowed in the dark I felt a lot better.

Remember when I was debating on the perfect alphabet poster for Lil’ Whip? Well one called ABC Love by Jennifer Ramos came in a close second. This poster with a hidden message of “Yes We Can” by Dented Curls reminds me of the poster and maybe that is why I love it oh so much.

I want a pair of hand painted Barack Obama high tops by Shared Madness. What girl in their right minds wouldn’t? Makes me want to rewatch the episode of Craft Lab where Traci Bautista and I whip up a pair of graffiti themed Vans or the episode of Stylelicious where my sister Hope shows how to paint on shoes.

Ya know I bought all the supplies to needle felt awhile back and have never touched them. Maybe this Barack Obama Needle Felting Kit by Fancy Tiger is just the inspiration I need to get started.

Sometimes when you wake up in the morning it’s hard to get going. You sit in your jammies and think ‘I feel like crawling back into bed, I’m not sure I can do this again today’. Well if your morning cup of coffee was coming to you in a custom mug by Freedom Ware you would think “Yes I Can” and every day would be efficient and awesome.

A little piece of history safely protected inside clear plastic can be yours if you stop by Elefants Donkees Etsy shop and snag yourself an Obama Tote – New York Times November 5th Issue.

So hopefully the novelty and excitement of our new president has not worn off for you already. It’s only been a month the relationship is still in the new phase and we should all still be smitten! Happy Presidents Day!

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